Introducing the Cambridge Farmers' Market online shop!

For customers who want to guarantee their favourite products will be waiting for them at the market, or for those customers who want to minimize contact during COVID-19, you can place orders in advance through the Cambridge Farmers Market shop.

Though some vendors currently offer alternative purchase options on an individual basis, this platform groups all the Cambridge Farmers’ Market vendors together in one convenient online shop.

Please continue to check back as market vendors continue to sign up and join the platform as we go. 

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Order and pay online

Order and pay online at the Cambridge Farmers' Market online shop. If it is your first visit, you will be prompted to set up your account. When asked for your “business name”, please put your full name, and then re-enter first name and last name in the separate boxes. This will make sorting your orders much easier. Also, please be sure to choose the correct (Canadian) town from the drop down menu.

There are three ways to find what you’re looking for:

  1. Scroll through the products as if you were wandering around the outdoor market, looking to see what’s available.
  2. Find a specific vendor using the drop down menu to “Filter by Supplier” the same way you’d go directly to a vendor’s stall at the outdoor market.
  3. Use keywords to “Search by Product,” in case more than one vendor has it for sale, the same way you’d compare between vendors at the outdoor market.

When is the best time to shop?

The Cambridge Farmers’ Market online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just like at the physical farmers’ market, the individual vendors control when their products are available. Farmers may not know until mid-week if seasonal crops will be ready to harvest or how much they will have available, so they might not open their store until Tuesday. Bakers and chefs may need to close their shops on Thursday to give them enough time to prepare your order. 

The window of time when most vendors shops will be open is Monday-Thursday. Shopping mid-week should help you see the widest variety of products available. 

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What is the deadline for orders?

The Cambridge Farmers’ Market online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important to look at each vendors shop hours to determine order deadlines. Some vendors may close their shops earlier to give them enough time to prepare your order. 

Do I have to pay online? Can I pay in cash at the market?

The market is open for pedestrian shopping on site on Saturday, which means some vendors will want payment online in advance for pre-orders and some vendors may collect payment in person at the market on Saturday. Whether or not they will take cash or want a cashless card transaction also depends on the individual vendor. Check with the individual vendor if you’re not sure about their preferred payment method.

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If I forgot to order something in advance, can I buy it at the market on Saturday?

The Cambridge Farmers’ Market is operating a conventional market with individual vendor stalls. Due to demand, not all products may be available on site on Saturday. If you want to guarantee that what you want will be waiting for you then place your order in advance for pick up. However, if you’ve forgotten to buy something or if you just want to see what’s in season and what looks good then you’ll be able to shop on site. 

Saturday Pickup Procedures

Customers will enter the market area at the designated entrance and exit points (Shoppers who pre-order will still need to wait in line).  Market staff will direct you to follow the directional arrows which will take you in a loop. For contactless pick up, the vendor will put your order on a table, and then step back, and you will step forward to pick up your order. You will then flow of foot traffic, to the next vendor to pick up your next order. When you have completed your pick-ups, you will exit the area by the designated paths to maintain directional flow of foot traffic.

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