We only allow dogs (and other animals) outdoors at the Cambridge Farmers' Market. We do allow service dogs indoors and outdoors at the Market.

If you're bringing your pet to the outdoor area of the Market, please remember the following rules:

  1. Keep dogs out of the stall area.
  2. Stay away from food samples, customer bags, and table surfaces.
  3. Watch your dog at all times. (You must keep your dog under control or we will ask you to leave the Market.)
  4. Keep your dog on a short leash at all times. Long leashes are a safety hazard.
  5. Keep your pet hydrated and clean up after them.
  6. Be respectful of everyone wishing to enjoy the Market. (Not all customers are dog lovers)

Why dogs are allowed at the Market

Like their owners, dogs enjoy the social opportunity the Market provides. Being in a public urban area, we do not have the ability to enforce a "No-Dog" policy.

Other reasons for allowing pets at the outdoor area of the Market include:

  • The Region of Waterloo Public Health Department has no regulation that prevents dogs from visiting the market
  • We are not aware of any regulation that requires us to enforce a "No-Dog" policy
  • We provide information and rules to dog owners about behaviour and we will take action to remove poorly behaved animals

We thank you for your cooperation.